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Gringos is back For summer 2018!

by Ben Morris 2 years ago

Bingo? That's an old person's game right? well not this game of Bingo, this is Gringos bingo!

The Craziest party is back in Magaluf this summer and its bigger than ever! Mr Gringo has his Granny and the team ready to what could possibly be the wildest game of Bingo the world has ever seen. Get ready to Rave, Dab, Dance and eat loads of Coco Pops..... THIS IS GRINGOS!

We spoke to james after the gringos show and this is what he had to say about the Magaluf event.

"Gringo's was amazing! I never expected to be playing Bingo in Magaluf but this was not your ordinary night of Bingo. I think most of the night was spent on the tables raving.  The Bingo was a bonus. Ive had a lot to drink i've had the best night of my holiday here in Magaluf and now i'm off to Gringo's after party with the cast from the show. you need to do Gringos if you come to Magaluf"

Magaluf has seen nothing like Gringos before and is a massive hit with the workers here in Magaluf. The crazy atmosphere at Gringos is what everyone loves and as soon as you walk into the party you will realise why! Don't forget to grab your bingo cards at the entrance as you will need them whilst raving. Mr Gringo will take you through a series of Bingo games and your personal waiter will keep the drinks flowing. 

Throughout the night there is prizes up for grabs. Gringos bingo Never fails to amaze its guest with prizes ranging from Boxes of WKD to large cardboard cutouts of donald Trump. Don't take your eye of your cards at any given chance, Ipads and Tablets are also given out to lucky Gringo's Gamers. 

Gringos promises to give you an unforgettable night full of laughs, Cheers and dance-offs. Makes sure you book your tickets online because Gringos does sell out! 

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